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Native Grep and Cat Alternatives in Windows (sort of…)

If you use a Linux operating system for much you are probably familiar with the “grep” and “cat” commands and their usage.   Grep is probably one of the most powerful utilities in Linux because it allows for text and regular expression searching a number of different ways.  Grep is so popular that it has even been ported to Windows by many.  So how do you get grep functionality in Windows?  Well, you can download many of the installable versions out there and you’re set.  Unfortunately, in a pristine server environment with change control or limited privileges this is not an … Continue reading

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Archive Cisco Configuration Changes on the Cheap

I enjoy solving problems on a shoe string budget with next to no resources. Well… not really. But, because I work with small businesses from time to time that often is the main design requirement. Another design requirement that often doesn’t fall in line with “cheap” is disaster recovery. Fortunately I was able to talk the clients into Cisco gear at one point in the past. I’m about to show you why. Continue reading

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Keeping Time on Cisco IOS

When doing any type of troubleshooting I am big on log files. To get the most out of your log files, however, you need the time stamps to be accurate. For time stamps to be accurate you need to ensure your systems are all running with exactly the same time Continue reading

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Cisco Switch Remote SPAN

Capturing network traffic can be a very effective way of solving complicate issues particularly when log files are not yielding useful results. One issue typically is the ability to actually physically perform the capture. To overcome these limitations a Remote SPAN or RSPAN instance can be used. Continue reading

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