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Finding Linux Version Information

There is a lot of different ways a Linux system can be configured. Today, most admin’s opt to stick fairly close to the suggested upgrade path for most binaries and system components. Unfortunately, there are always times when documentation is lacking or you inherited a system you know nothing about. Let’s look at a few ways of figuring out what versions the key components our systems are running. Continue reading

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Native Grep and Cat Alternatives in Windows (sort of…)

If you use a Linux operating system for much you are probably familiar with the “grep” and “cat” commands and their usage.   Grep is probably one of the most powerful utilities in Linux because it allows for text and regular expression searching a number of different ways.  Grep is so popular that it has even been ported to Windows by many.  So how do you get grep functionality in Windows?  Well, you can download many of the installable versions out there and you’re set.  Unfortunately, in a pristine server environment with change control or limited privileges this is not an … Continue reading

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Mitel Phone DHCP Configuration with Multiple VLANs

Typically it is always recommended to segregate VoIP traffic from your typical data traffic. Recently, however, I was part of a Mitel 3300 phone system installation that was taking a different course. The techs with the local phone company doing the installation were not familiar with this concept and wanted to actually statically address the phones as well. Not cool, scalable or best practice particularly as the network grows and changes. Continue reading

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TACACS+, Linux, and Cisco Command Accounting

I recently finished configuring our medium sized corporate network devices to authenticate via Radius against windows Network Policy Server. Never being satisfied I wanted to take it a step further and account for administrative actions taken on our routers and switches. Basically, I want a record of every command typed into the network devices. Its like a key logger of sorts for your Cisco devices… I know Cisco and other vendors offer some commercial TACACS+ servers but all were outside of the budget for this project. Continue reading

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