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SSH Tunneling and Proxying

Today I want to talk about the flexibility, security, and convenience of using SSH Tunneling and Proxying to connect to your remote network devices. The SSH tunnel will act as a VPN of sorts to get us inside the network where remote access is otherwise not available. These examples will also wrap the traffic in a layer of security since all SSH tunnel traffic is encrypted. To get started let’s have a look at the diagram below: The laptop is our remote user and the network on the right is the network with some devices that we could like to … Continue reading

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Cisco Configuration “Expect” Backup Script

I was recently tasked with backing up switch configurations automatically. No problem, right? Wrong. There was nothing to spend on this project so it was up to me and whatever I could do with a script. I had made a telnet script in the past but was not crazy about passwords flying around in plain text. I really have very little scripting experience so many of you will find this very easy to understand and follow since there is nothing complicated about my scripting skills.
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MySQL Date Time Filename Backup

I recently setup a system to manage our companies IP addresses. This was an open source PHP application that ran in Apache and used MySQL for its database. Since I typically don’t have time to manually run a backup (and why would I want to do something the hard way anyhow?) I decided it was time to automate the task. The first issue was what to name the backup files. I wanted at least a few weeks history worth of backups in case something bad was done in the database… Obviously, I could not have 30 files with the same … Continue reading

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