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Cisco ISR Router Any Connect with Front Door VRF and a Meraki Firewall

First, let me start by saying I love the Meraki networking stack. It is easy and efficient to deploy and customers love it. Occasionally, however, you find a key feature that Meraki won’t do. In this case, Any Connect client VPN. Continue reading

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Configure Cisco IOS 802.1x Supplicant

If you have an intermediate familiarity with Ethernet switching you are more than likely familiar with 802.1x port based authentication. With that assumption let’s assume your environment is locked down tight enough to the point where this security is enabled. Great! However, what if you needed to add another Cisco device to a client facing switch port? Not so great… How do you get the device to authenticate the same way as your PC does? Fortunately the IOS includes a supplicant for 802.1x that will allow us to authenticate just like a wired windows client! Let’s check out the config … Continue reading

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IPv6 Access List Basics

Chances are that if you have worked with IPv4 on the IOS platform for any length of time you are familiar with the access list formats, both standard and extended.  Assuming you know at least the basics of the addressing structure you should have no issue establishing similar ACLs for IPv6. Creating IPv6 ACLs The first considerations are that IPv6 ACLs have to be the “extended” format meaning the both the source and destinations have to be defined.  The ACLs also have to be named with a string as numbered ACLs are not acceptable.  The ACL name can contain numbers … Continue reading

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Verifying Cisco IOS File Integrity

Moving files on Cisco devices is important to know how to do but knowing the files are free of errors is also important.  If you have every upgraded a device and find that it won’t boot because the image file corrupted you certainly know what I’m talking about.  While this happens very rarely it’s important none the less.  Additionally, knowing that you got the IOS from Cisco without it being tampered with is also important from a security standpoint. First, jump onto Cisco.com and log in with your Cisco ID.  Access the download section for a device you have support … Continue reading

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