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Taking a Screenshot on an 8800 Series Cisco Phone

Taking screenshots of the screen of Cisco IP phones can be helpful in remote troubleshooting and documentation. Taking screenshots of the latest 88xx phones is just as simple as in the past. Continue reading

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Cisco IOS Task Automation

If you love your server or desktop operating system’s CLI as much as myself you have probably banged out a few scripts to automate tasks at least a time or two… Did you know you can also script and automate tasks on Cisco IOS networking devices? The options are wrapped around the built in embedded event manager. The embedded event manager, or EEM for short, can track a number of sources including the syslog, SNMP, timers, counters and more. These are called event detectors. When an event is detected a policy can be trigged and some action taken. These actions … Continue reading

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Collecting CLI Data from Cisco Devices Via HTTP

I always try to approach technical challenges with the thought that “just because something can’t be done doesn’t mean it can’t be done”.   Sure enough I had a problem like this cross my desk again the other day.   I wanted a simple way to get the number of active calls on a handful of MGCP PRI gateway routers.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find a single SNMP data point for this information.  I knew IOS routers had an HTTP interface so I started checking around to see how easy it would be to script against. Sure enough, it really wasn’t all that … Continue reading

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Verifying Cisco IOS File Integrity

Moving files on Cisco devices is important to know how to do but knowing the files are free of errors is also important.  If you have every upgraded a device and find that it won’t boot because the image file corrupted you certainly know what I’m talking about.  While this happens very rarely it’s important none the less.  Additionally, knowing that you got the IOS from Cisco without it being tampered with is also important from a security standpoint. First, jump onto Cisco.com and log in with your Cisco ID.  Access the download section for a device you have support … Continue reading

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