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Backup Cisco Configurations with SSH on Windows

I have done a brief write-up about backing up Cisco IOS configurations over an SSH connections in the past. Unfortunately, this article was based on expect, a Linux utility. There is, however, a similar but simpler way to accomplish the same thing on windows. Continue reading

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Mitel Phone DHCP Configuration with Multiple VLANs

Typically it is always recommended to segregate VoIP traffic from your typical data traffic. Recently, however, I was part of a Mitel 3300 phone system installation that was taking a different course. The techs with the local phone company doing the installation were not familiar with this concept and wanted to actually statically address the phones as well. Not cool, scalable or best practice particularly as the network grows and changes. Continue reading

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TACACS+, Linux, and Cisco Command Accounting

I recently finished configuring our medium sized corporate network devices to authenticate via Radius against windows Network Policy Server. Never being satisfied I wanted to take it a step further and account for administrative actions taken on our routers and switches. Basically, I want a record of every command typed into the network devices. Its like a key logger of sorts for your Cisco devices… I know Cisco and other vendors offer some commercial TACACS+ servers but all were outside of the budget for this project. Continue reading

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What is My Phone Number?

I know that sounds like a stupid question but I have heard it a lot over the years…  Particularly with cell phones that make it easy to just shoot your information to someone via email or Bluetooth.  There are many ways to find this seemingly obvious but easily forgotten bit of information but my personal favorite is dialing 1-800-444-4444.  This is some type of MCI auto attendant that reads back your calling number.  This works with individual lines such as a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) or cell phone.  If your phone is controlled by a corporate phone system your … Continue reading

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