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Cisco ASA IPSec Pre Shared Key Recovery

The Cisco ASA firewall is one of the most common firewalls I have encountered while both working in the corporate IT world as well as in the consulting industry with small to medium clients. Most administrators enjoy working with it as it has both a fairly intuitive interface in the form of the ASDM and a powerful CLI as well. One simple but common complaint, however, is that pre shared keys are difficult to recover from the units when working with IPsec tunnels. The solution is quite simple yet often elusive. Continue reading

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Archive Cisco Configuration Changes on the Cheap

I enjoy solving problems on a shoe string budget with next to no resources. Well… not really. But, because I work with small businesses from time to time that often is the main design requirement. Another design requirement that often doesn’t fall in line with “cheap” is disaster recovery. Fortunately I was able to talk the clients into Cisco gear at one point in the past. I’m about to show you why. Continue reading

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Backup Cisco Configurations with SSH on Windows

I have done a brief write-up about backing up Cisco IOS configurations over an SSH connections in the past. Unfortunately, this article was based on expect, a Linux utility. There is, however, a similar but simpler way to accomplish the same thing on windows. Continue reading

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Cisco Configuration “Expect” Backup Script

I was recently tasked with backing up switch configurations automatically. No problem, right? Wrong. There was nothing to spend on this project so it was up to me and whatever I could do with a script. I had made a telnet script in the past but was not crazy about passwords flying around in plain text. I really have very little scripting experience so many of you will find this very easy to understand and follow since there is nothing complicated about my scripting skills.
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