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IPv6 Access List Basics

Chances are that if you have worked with IPv4 on the IOS platform for any length of time you are familiar with the access list formats, both standard and extended.  Assuming you know at least the basics of the addressing structure you should have no issue establishing similar ACLs for IPv6. Creating IPv6 ACLs The first considerations are that IPv6 ACLs have to be the “extended” format meaning the both the source and destinations have to be defined.  The ACLs also have to be named with a string as numbered ACLs are not acceptable.  The ACL name can contain numbers … Continue reading

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Now Available via IPv6!

Technologyordie.com is now available via IPv6! At this point the site is the same otherwise. The site was moved to a new hosting provider because the past provider is not yet supporting IPv6. If you would like to verify you are connected with IPv6 simply jump to the “Whats My IP” page. Your IPv4 or IPv6 address will be displayed respectively based on how the connection was made. Continue reading

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Configure Hurricane Electric IPv6 over IPv4 Tunnel with Monowall

We have been holding on to IPv4 for a long time. We are well past the initial “run out of addresses” date thanks to VLSM, NAT and some other addressing tricks. The facts are, however, that IPv4 is running to its end and will eventually become obsolete. Fortunately, however, there are ways to ease into IPv6. One that I found, since my ISP does not yet offer IPv6 service, was to create a tunnel to someone who does. Tunnelbroker.net powered by Hurricane Electric was one of the options. There are other tunnel brokers as well, just google around… IPv6 support … Continue reading

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