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Advanced Network and IT Pranks

If you are like me you enjoy a good prank every now and again. It’s fun to outsmart a coworker, get them frustrated for a minute or two and the go on with your day. I have had a few pranks played on me as well and figured I would share a few of them here for entertainment sake. Not all of these are original but some are (as far as I know). Since this is a networking website the pranks are network related. I suggest NEVER doing any of these on production systems. You may laugh but your boss … Continue reading

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Now Available via IPv6! is now available via IPv6! At this point the site is the same otherwise. The site was moved to a new hosting provider because the past provider is not yet supporting IPv6. If you would like to verify you are connected with IPv6 simply jump to the “Whats My IP” page. Your IPv4 or IPv6 address will be displayed respectively based on how the connection was made. Continue reading

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Windows 7 Local Logon Trick

By this point most business workstation computers are setup as domain members. If changes need to be made you log on as a domain user with administrative privileges and make system changes. If you need to logon locally for some reason you type the account name in the HOSTNAME\USERNAME format. DOMAIN\USERNAME will then get you back in as a domain user. Typically, through my experience anyhow, PC names are printed on a label and stuck to the box itself or are readily apparent in some way. One network I found myself supporting used the service tags as part of the … Continue reading

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Notepad++ Regular Expression Find and Replace

When scripting or manipulating text data I prefer using notepad++. It’s easy to use, includes syntax coloring for just about anything, folds code nicely and even supports regular expression find and replace features. I have been using if for years but just recently have come to love the program even more. When using find and replace in the past I stuck mostly to the basics. From time to time I would use a regex to search and then replacing everything that was found. Notepad++ goes well past this. To explain I will show an example. I was working with tabular … Continue reading

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