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Raspberry Pi Node Red and Cisco Codec Integration

In my first two tutorials I explained the API and how the XML data is passed to and from a Cisco Telepresence codec’s such as a SX or MX unit. In this article I will explain how I more specifically leveraged a Raspberry Pi and Node-Red to both receive commands from the codec as well as how to push data back to it for display on the touch 10. Continue reading

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The Cisco Video Codec API Feedback

If you read my initial post about the XML API on Cisco SX and MX video units you may have notice that the functionality was all flowing from our API client to the Codec. The problem with this is there is no easy way to have the codec itself issue commands to other devices. To put it differently it cannot initiate an action it can only wait for and perform actions. Fortunately, in the 8.X code this problem has been addressed by a feedback mechanism. Continue reading

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Cisco Telepresence Codec API by Example

Over the past few years Cisco, and really the entire IT industry, have been abuzz with talk of Application Programming Interfaces, aka API’s. API’s allow devices and services that traditionally have been confined to their own silos to start integrating with other systems. The Cisco Telepresence line is yet another example of this. Continue reading

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Configure PLAR on SCCP and SIP Phones in CUCM

PLAR is a common feature often used for elevator or emergency phones in public areas. The idea is that when someone takes the phone off hook a call is immediately placed to someone who can help. It’s a critical configuration to get right and test before giving any stamp of approval. Continue reading

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