Hide Not Registered Message When Not Registering Your Cisco Endpoint

You know that Cisco endpoints can SIP or H323 dial without being registered to a call control platform, right?  While you lose some flexibility and ease of use it can be done.  One complaint I hear about this is the the device says “Not Registered” in the upper left hand corner of the screen or the touch 10 panel.  “Not” anything to users often means “its NOT working, call support” so we obviously want this to change…

The fix is easy.  Here are two options:

Web Interface

Log into the Web GUI of the endpoint.  Hover of the “Setup” tab and elect “Configuration” from the drop down.  From there find and click “System Unit” on the left hand list of options.  It will be toward the bottom.  Inside this option you will be able to configure a System Name.  Give the system a meaningful name.

Next, along the left hand side then select “User Interface”.  In the User Interface window drop down the “Contact Info Type” options box.  To leverage the System Name above select “SystemName”.  I you would rather the IPv4 or IPv6 address, none, and display name are also options.  Auto is the default.  You should be all set!

Command Line

SSH or Telnet into the codec.

Issue the following commands obviously replacing your options in place of mine:

xconfiguration SystemUnit Name: "Adam's DX80"
** end
xconfiguration UserInterface ContactInfo Type: SystemName
** end

Either way you will see the change reflected in the upper left hand corner of the graphic user interface.

That’s all there is to it!

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