CUCM Direct SQL Queries

When working with CUCM you quickly come to understand that the whole system is a big database front ended with an ok GUI and few communications protocol stacks.  The graphic interface gets 98% of the work and visibility done for the typical CUCM admin.  However, there always comes a time when getting under the hood can be helpful.  I’m not sure what to say… Examples!

Log into the CLI and use the “run sql” command followed by your query.  Here are a few of the ones I have gotten started with.

Show all of the tables in the DB:

run sql select tabname,tabid from systables

Next, find all tables that contain the word “phone”.

run sql select tabname,tabid from systables where tabname matches '*phone*'

To get column names do something like this to get the table id number:

run sql select tabname,tabid from systables where tabname=’enduser’

and then get the tables column names like this:

run sql select colname,tabid,colno from syscolumns where tabid='596'

More to come soon…

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