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Layer 2 to Layer 3 Metro-E Link Migration

Metro Ethernet has made connecting different sites extremely easy for just about any level of admin. The problem is, however, it has also made for some very sloppy setups. It is nearly always a recommended best practice to route WAN links. This is particularly true when the WAN is a bottle neck in terms of throughput. If a LAN is built on Gigabit Ethernet and a Metro-E link between sites is only 40Mbps there is a bottleneck. Often LANs in small to medium sized organizations are way underutilized and this can be gotten away with. Typically the Layer 2 connection would span the 40Mbps link with little trouble. However, as traffic increases, a redundant link is added between sites, or requirements change you can find this design corners you with a need for a better way of controlling traffic flow. Continue reading

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Moving a Subnet to a Different VLAN

There are a few different rare cases where you may need to move a subnet to a completely new or different VLAN. Making a layer 2 connection between two different networks with overlapping VLAN space or moving off of VLAN 1 for best practice reasons would be two examples. I will be focusing on the latter in this discussion but the steps will be applicable in other instances as well. To make this more practical lets keep the idea of very little to no downtime in mind. Continue reading

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