Redirecting Cisco Show Command Output

Have you ever issued a diagnostic command on a Cisco device and wish you could keep the output to review off line at a later time? There actually is a way to do this! (without copying and pasting, etc).
I recently was asked to send the results of “show tech-support” to Cisco’s TAC to get help with an issue. To my dismay the result of this command overran the length of the terminal window’s buffer. Rather than changing things on my side I knew this was the opportunity I needed to make my life easier.

To send output directly you can use the “|” with an “redirect ” command. You may be familiar with using the pipe “|” from one of my earlier articles to parse through output from show commands. This works similarly but redirects output rather than parse or filter through it. A first example of this would something like this:

sw1#show tech-support | redirect tftp://

This example dumps all of the show tech support information to the tftp server on the network. Again, this can be used with any show command as far as I know.

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