The Mystery of Missing Webex Desk Pro Pen / Stylus

I recently had an opportunity to take Cisco’s new Webex Desk Pro for a spin. It was a great experience despite being very early in the software life cycle of the endpoint. The video, camera, audio and users interface where all great! The unit built on features of the DX80 as well as the Webex Board essentially combining them into a desktop platform. Either way, I had very little to complain about outside of the incredible difficultly finding the whiteboarding pen / stylus. It was hidden in a very small box that looks like part of the packaging. To add to the difficulty the stylus is very light weight so when you lift different pieces of packaging there is no noticeable weight to them indicating something might still be inside. Either way you want to look along the right hand side of the accessories box as you open the lid away from you. I have included a picture below as well as an unboxing video. I’ve talked to dozens of people who have sworn they checked everywhere only to go back and find it with this picture.
Desk Pro Pen in Packaging

Best of luck and enjoy your new Webex Desk Pro!!!

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