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Personalized ringback on your FreePBX

Want to play music for your callers while they wait for you to answer? It’s easy and can all be done through the free PBX GUI. Go to the “Music on Hold” option in the admin menu on the left. Get the recordings setup how you would like them. I uploaded a few MP3s and enabled random play to spice things up a bit. These songs will now play for the caller on the other end if you put them on hold. Easy, right? Now, to play music over the trunk to a caller you will want to navigate to … Continue reading

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Mitel 5000 / Asterisk Integration

Mitel 5000 to Free PBX (Asterisk) Trunk The first dependency is to have licensing for the number of SIP trunks you would like to create on the Mitel 5000 system. We will be creating a SIP Trunk Group that will require these trunk licences. Each trunk needs a license at the cost of something like $125 a piece for small quantities. The Mitel 5000: First, go into System–>Devices and Features–>SIP Peers–>SIP Trunk Groups Create a SIP trunk Group with just a single extension number. It will probably be something like 9200X. Mine was 92003 but yours could end up being … Continue reading

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