Mitel 5000 Voicemail Only Extension

Mitel 5000 Voicemail Only Extension
Sometimes it’s nice to have an extension or phone number you could really care less about. What I mean is you don’t care if it’s slammed by telemarketers, etc. You can give the number to people you don’t really want to talk to but need to hear from. The Mitel 5000, as would most phone systems I would imagine, has a solution to this.
The solution is to create a phantom extension and link it to a mailbox. The caller can call in and reach the extension and the call will be routed directly to voicemail. The first step is to create a Phantom Extension in:

System –> Devices and Feature Codes–>Phantom Devices

The Phantom Extension should be configured with the same forwarding path that all of your other phones use for voicemail.
This is just like creating a physical phone extension really. Now, create a mailbox with the same number as the extension you just created. Mailboxes are under:

Voice Processor–>Devices–>Mailboxes

On a 5000 with a really basic license configuration Unified Messaging options are really limited. You can, however, still at least forward the message to an email address. I would use Unified Messaging so this so you never really have to check the box proactively. Edit the mailbox and change the value for “Unified Messaging Level”. Disabled will not forward anything to your email. The other two options, “Forward” and “Forward and Copy”, will forward the message to your email address and send a copy to your email address respectively. The “Email Address for Voice Messages” field is where you can enter your email address. As an alternative you could set the mailboxes “Message Notification Phone” option to a phone that you use. This option is available when the mailbox is selected.

To initialize the mailbox the first time, dial your main voicemail extension. Interrupt the greeting with “*”. It will ask for a mailbox number and password. Enter the mailbox number you just created. The default password is typically the same as the mailbox number. Go through the mailbox setup and you are ready to roll!


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