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Cisco CUCM 8861 / 8865 Wireless Configuration

The standard mode of operation is typically to wire your IP phone into the network lighting things up with wired Ethernet and PoE. In the case of the 8861 and the 8865 you have the option to disconnect the PoE, power up with a 48 volt power brick and take to the Wi-Fi air waves. Continue reading

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Cisco WLC Single SSID with Two VLANs

There are many reasons to want only a single SSID available in your wireless air space. There is less overhead traffic and frequency overhead and users have a simpler experience to name two pros. One downfall, however, is that every device gets dropped into the same VLAN with the same security settings. Fortunately, this issue is addressed fairly easily with some additional configuration of your Cisco Wireless LAN Controller and a RADIUS server Continue reading

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Power over Ethernet Issues

With the invention of Power over Ethernet (PoE) bringing up light devices such as VOIP phones and wireless access points has become very easy. Power and data flow over the same cable on various wire pairs. The simplicity is great but the electrical requirements are a bit more particular with PoE. With full Gigabit implementations all wire pairs are required for power and for data transmission. When one pair is not properly terminated strange things happen… Continue reading

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Cisco Wireless AP LED Commands

In the networking realm of things I typically get to play with new and sophisticated technology. Sometimes, however, even the most sophisticated technology requires some really simple changes for some really simple reasons. For example. the other day I was approached about disabling the LEDs on our Cisco access points. Since I was working in the healthcare world at the time it made sense that a request would come through about this particularly since many patient rooms had APs mounted in them. After some quick looking around online I found the answer: Log into the controller and issue the following … Continue reading

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