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Moving a Subnet to a Different VLAN

There are a few different rare cases where you may need to move a subnet to a completely new or different VLAN. Making a layer 2 connection between two different networks with overlapping VLAN space or moving off of VLAN 1 for best practice reasons would be two examples. I will be focusing on the latter in this discussion but the steps will be applicable in other instances as well. To make this more practical lets keep the idea of very little to no downtime in mind. Continue reading

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Google Voice at Home without Asterisk

Looking to use Google voice at home as your traditional home phone service without using some crazy Asterisk hack? You may even be fed up with the complexity of Asterisk anyhow, particularly if a simple voice gateway is all you have been using it for. There is an answer to this and it comes in the form of an inexpensive device called the Obi. Continue reading

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Traffic Rate Limiting with Monowall

Recently I was called to implement a system to limit the bandwidth used by our guest network. There was no firewall in place for this network aside from the device provided by the ISP. Needless to say, it was junk and supported none of the more advanced features we needed. I implemented a Monowall with a fairly typical setup and jumped into configuring the traffic shaper. In this article I will only be limiting traffic Continue reading

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