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Cisco WLC Single SSID with Two VLANs

There are many reasons to want only a single SSID available in your wireless air space. There is less overhead traffic and frequency overhead and users have a simpler experience to name two pros. One downfall, however, is that every device gets dropped into the same VLAN with the same security settings. Fortunately, this issue is addressed fairly easily with some additional configuration of your Cisco Wireless LAN Controller and a RADIUS server Continue reading

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Cisco Privilege Level Access with Radius and NPS Server

When administering Cisco network gear it’s always nice to be able to login with your typical admin credentials. You change one password and it changes over all systems. It’s not uncommon for organizations of many different sizes to use RADIUS backed up to Active Directory to achieve this.

The simplest setup is typically to allow network admins full access to the CLI and nothing for everyone else. Typically, that works well. I wanted the helpdesk guys to get some Cisco experience, however, while not having the ability to make a bunch of changes. Continue reading

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Windows NPS Radius Authentication of Cisco Prime Infrastructure

As part of a recent network upgrade I was able to get Cisco Prime Infrastructure included in the moneys for the project. I love new systems to play with, of course, and immediately got to work checking out all the bells and whistles. Needless to say, it wasn’t long until I got tired of remembering the root credentials and began looking at RADIUS authentication for some help. Additionally, I’m kind of the security guy too and knew I was breaking my own rules by not having individual user logons in place. Continue reading

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Native Grep and Cat Alternatives in Windows (sort of…)

If you use a Linux operating system for much you are probably familiar with the “grep” and “cat” commands and their usage.   Grep is probably one of the most powerful utilities in Linux because it allows for text and regular expression searching a number of different ways.  Grep is so popular that it has even been ported to Windows by many.  So how do you get grep functionality in Windows?  Well, you can download many of the installable versions out there and you’re set.  Unfortunately, in a pristine server environment with change control or limited privileges this is not an … Continue reading

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