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Verifying Cisco IOS File Integrity

Moving files on Cisco devices is important to know how to do but knowing the files are free of errors is also important.  If you have every upgraded a device and find that it won’t boot because the image file corrupted you certainly know what I’m talking about.  While this happens very rarely it’s important none the less.  Additionally, knowing that you got the IOS from Cisco without it being tampered with is also important from a security standpoint. First, jump onto Cisco.com and log in with your Cisco ID.  Access the download section for a device you have support … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA IPSec Pre Shared Key Recovery

The Cisco ASA firewall is one of the most common firewalls I have encountered while both working in the corporate IT world as well as in the consulting industry with small to medium clients. Most administrators enjoy working with it as it has both a fairly intuitive interface in the form of the ASDM and a powerful CLI as well. One simple but common complaint, however, is that pre shared keys are difficult to recover from the units when working with IPsec tunnels. The solution is quite simple yet often elusive. Continue reading

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Cisco ASA Password Recovery

When inheriting used and abused customer networks it becomes necessary to reset passwords on devices the hard way from time to time. Fortunately with the Cisco ASA it’s still not all that complicated. You will see that with each step I included examples of the commands and the output along the way as well. Continue reading

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Link Runner AT 2000 Review

When trying to resolve network issues away from your desk there are many approaches that can be taken. Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference of course. Previously I have always just carried a laptop for this. As part of a larger project we were able to roll in a Flunk Link Runner AT 2000. I have been very pleased with it so far when troubleshooting the basic connectivity issues. The Link Runner AT 2000 is a simple and easy to use network troubleshooting tool. It features cable diagnostics, switch discovery features, and IP connectivity tests … Continue reading

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