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Parsing Cisco Show Command Output

If you have done even the basics in networking you have probably used a “show” command at some point on a Cisco networking device. Show commands give us insight into the configuration, performance and issues that face that device. One issue with show commands, however, is that they can be very verbose. Many commands give you way more information than you are looking for and are difficult to get through quickly. Luckily for you and I there are output modifiers to help us parse the output.
I will attempt to teach this short lesson with an example. Say you want to look at all interfaces and see what access lists are applied to them. You could do “show run” and read all of the output until you find what you are looking for.
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Notepad++ Regular Expression Find and Replace

When scripting or manipulating text data I prefer using notepad++. It’s easy to use, includes syntax coloring for just about anything, folds code nicely and even supports regular expression find and replace features. I have been using if for years but just recently have come to love the program even more. When using find and replace in the past I stuck mostly to the basics. From time to time I would use a regex to search and then replacing everything that was found. Notepad++ goes well past this. To explain I will show an example. I was working with tabular … Continue reading

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