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Cisco Privilege Level Access with Radius and NPS Server

When administering Cisco network gear it’s always nice to be able to login with your typical admin credentials. You change one password and it changes over all systems. It’s not uncommon for organizations of many different sizes to use RADIUS backed up to Active Directory to achieve this.

The simplest setup is typically to allow network admins full access to the CLI and nothing for everyone else. Typically, that works well. I wanted the helpdesk guys to get some Cisco experience, however, while not having the ability to make a bunch of changes. Continue reading

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Windows 7 Local Logon Trick

By this point most business workstation computers are setup as domain members. If changes need to be made you log on as a domain user with administrative privileges and make system changes. If you need to logon locally for some reason you type the account name in the HOSTNAME\USERNAME format. DOMAIN\USERNAME will then get you back in as a domain user. Typically, through my experience anyhow, PC names are printed on a label and stuck to the box itself or are readily apparent in some way. One network I found myself supporting used the service tags as part of the … Continue reading

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Add a single user or multiple users to AD with a VB Script.

This is a VB Script that I have created to fit a scenario where you need to add a user to Active Directory and set attributes for that user. I have found it to be quite tedious to have to create each user and set the attributes manually. So I have searched the net to find information on how to create a script to do what I need. Here is my scenario… I need to create a user, set a password, set a location, create a user home folder(not roaming) and set the share permissions. I wanted to be able … Continue reading

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