About Technology or Die

Technology or Die started as the personal blog of Adam Schaeffer. The goal of the site was to be a central point for documenting and sharing projects and ideas about various networking technologies.  The name for the site comes from the “die” function that is typical of various scripting languages. Perhaps you have seen syntax similar to this before?

technology() or die;

With out the “function” of technology succeeding the script would exit; or die.  Similarly, without technology working smoothly anything and everything dependent on it would die in an ugly way…

About Adam Schaeffer

Adam Schaeffer is a Systems Engineer at a large corporation in the US. He has a broad IT knowledge and experience base but has more recently been able to focus specifically on networking and collaboration technologies.

To our Readers:

We strive to make Technology or Die an enjoyable and informative resource for IT professionals.  We want to hear your suggestions for topics and for ways we can improve this site.  Please consider sending us your comments in the form below.

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