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Configure Hurricane Electric IPv6 over IPv4 Tunnel with Monowall

We have been holding on to IPv4 for a long time. We are well past the initial “run out of addresses” date thanks to VLSM, NAT and some other addressing tricks. The facts are, however, that IPv4 is running to its end and will eventually become obsolete. Fortunately, however, there are ways to ease into IPv6. One that I found, since my ISP does not yet offer IPv6 service, was to create a tunnel to someone who does. powered by Hurricane Electric was one of the options. There are other tunnel brokers as well, just google around… IPv6 support … Continue reading

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Capturing Traffic with the Cisco ASA

I have written quite a few things lately about capturing traffic so why not write another? This time we will be taking a look at capturing data from another key place in the network; the firewall. Continue reading

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Cisco Switch SPAN Port Filtering

If you have a bit of familiarity Cisco switches you may have configured a SPAN port or a monitor session in the past. A basic span port is very useful in capturing packets or passively monitoring and is a requirement for some web filtering services such as Websense. Today, I want to focus on the SPAN session from a packet capturing standpoint.

If we mirror a switch port that sees a high volume of traffic simply mirroring all of that traffic to our packet capturing port could be too much for our capture system to consume. Fortunately, there is a way to do this through access control lists on the switch itself. Continue reading

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