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Fluke Link Runner

When looking for a simple, easy to use and easy to carry network tool I decided on the Link Runner by Fluke Networks.  The device its self is about the size of a typically smart phone and about twice as thick.  There are only three buttons on the device; a power button and a pair of soft keys.  The top of the device has a pair of Ethernet ports that made to the typical RJ-45 connector. I found the device really easy to use.  It was as simple as plugging in to both ports and look at the screen to … Continue reading

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Testing throughput with TTCP and Cisco Devices

Even if you have been around networking for a while you may have never ran into the TTCP utility. This utility also comes by the name of PCATTCP. It’s a really small command line, data sending, and throughput testing tool. It sends as much data as possible to another remote instance of TTCP. Cisco devices with newer IOS software (11.2 and newer, so a lot of old stuff too by that standard…) and advanced feature sets such as service provider and advanced IP services include this tool, according to the old Cisco documentation I’ve read. This tool was present on … Continue reading

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