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Passive Sniffing on Windows

With Linux you can configure a sniffing only port relatively easy. Put it in promiscuous mode without an IP and sniff away passively. With windows, there is typically always an IP address assigned to an interface. If not statically assigned the interface will search for DHCP and will ultimately end up with an address in the 169 range if no address information is found. Either way there will be information from your machine showing up in a full, unfiltered packet capture. To get around this you will actually want to disable the TCP/IP stack for that interface. If this is … Continue reading

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Personalized ringback on your FreePBX

Want to play music for your callers while they wait for you to answer? It’s easy and can all be done through the free PBX GUI. Go to the “Music on Hold” option in the admin menu on the left. Get the recordings setup how you would like them. I uploaded a few MP3s and enabled random play to spice things up a bit. These songs will now play for the caller on the other end if you put them on hold. Easy, right? Now, to play music over the trunk to a caller you will want to navigate to … Continue reading

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Free Microsoft Software for Students!

Hey if you’re like me you have gone through high school or college hacking away with free, cheap, or otherwise obtained software. (We won’t go into that….) It works, typically, but now there is a better way. Students can actually obtain some of the finer Microsoft products free of charge. If you’re a student check out You will have to register and go through a verification process but once that’s completed it’s off to downloading! The site offers developments tools for games and general applications, the SQL Server platform, Virtual PC, and the Windows server operating systems themselves. This … Continue reading

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